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                                                         New Bethel Baptist Church

“The History”

     New Bethel was founded in 1873, by the following persons: Bro. Abraham Sharpe, Bro. Jake Perril, Bro. Sam Wilson, Bro. Oliver  Koonce, Bro. Crawford Brown, and their wives.  Rev. Gulve Crider and Rev. S.L. Kelly were the pastors during the early years of the church. The first service of New Bethel Baptist Church was held under a brush harbor. Later the founders bought (1) acre of land near the bush harbor and built a church on the corner of Jerusalem, Aguster, and Old Ferry Roads, which at the time was called cross roads.  At that time Bro. R.C. Chunn it is said, gave the church the name , New Bethel. Bro. Milas Clement, Bro. A.F. Click, Bro. G.W. Click were the officers. Rev. A.H. Sloan, Rev. H.S. Williston, Rev. G.W. Washington, Rev. R.L. Winford, Rev. W.A. Sharpe, Rev. S.H. Mason, Rev. A.R. VanLandingham, Rev. H.W. Hockiday, Rev. J.S. Daniel, Rev. J.S. Reid, W.H. Bryant, Rev. J.A. Melton, Rev. A.S. Collins and Rev. H.W. Waters were the pastors.

     The Church was improved several times during those 87 years. (Now) In the year of our Lord, 1952 on September 3rd, our present Pastor, The Reverend W.M. Adams was elected pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church and in the spring of 1957 we bought 11/2 acres of land on Highway 601 South of Mocksville, N.C. in Davie County and built a new church. The corner stone was laid on June 25th in the year 1961. Now, we thank God for our pastor, members and friends. (Let me live beside of the highway)

A New Church in Davie County

     The Reverend W.M. Adams, Pastor and Members; built at a cost of about $97,000, this beautiful edifice is tangible evidence of what God has done through Pastor Adams and this congregation over a short period of (5) years.  It is located on highway 601 south of Mocksville, N.C. going towards Salisbury, N.C.   1971 was a Year of Thanksgiving, and a Year that will linger long among the most pleasant experiences of the pastor and congregation of New Bethel Baptist Church. It was on April 26, 1971 the mortgage was paid off and on July 25, 1971was the day of the initial worship service in the consecration of it all.  The pastor, Reverend W.M. Adams gave significance to the occasion by preaching a consecration sermon on the subject, “This Is God’s House”. No doubt many in the congregation who had toiled and sacrificed along with their minister to help make the celebration possible, we’re elated over having seen this fulfillment of their hopes, dreams and aspirations. The new structure has a seating capacity of 300 in the main auditorium, with a basement assembly room that will seat 200.  Conscious of the need for teaching and administration space the planners included 12 rooms.  Additional space was also included for kitchen and public address system.  In short, New Bethel has been built so as to provide the physical setting for a full-time church program.


The building consists of red face brick, solite blocks, wooden bean\ms and trusses.  The interior of the sanctuary is finished with sand plastering and a ceiling of celotex.  It also has mixed colored window glasses, everything is designed to help the worshipper feel that they have entered the world of one where he can find union with God.  The furniture is an Appalachian oak with pulpit furniture to match. The building is equipped with a gas furnance for heating, an air conditioning unit with the machinery for operation located in a sub-basement. No building of such grandeur can ever become a reality without certain key people performing key roles.  The Building Committee members were; Deacon O.L. Williams, Deacon George Chunn, Trustee Andrew Anderson and others which gave their time, talent and money. Thank God for them and their sacrifice. Now we salute New Bethel, Pastor and Members, for its five (5) years of struggle. By the way the parking for 200 or more cars has been black topped.  So with God’s help and guidance, their hearts and souls have been made glad.  Now we can say that New Bethel Baptist Church stands as a mountain and monument to God.  The doors are wide open with a welcome and a beacon of light to all, bidding them to come on into the Lord’s house where the feast of the Lord is going on, such teaching, preaching and healing ministry of the Christian church. (We are doing a work, and we can’t come down.

In April 2003, New Bethel Baptist Church celebrated the completion of numerous renovated projects under the leadership of Rev. Dr. William S. Cowan.  This included the installation of a state of the art sound system, with multimedia reproductions of sermons and morning service through CD and tapes.  New sanctuary lighting was installed along with new carpet.  We contracted with a local builder to make structural repairs to ensure a sturdier edifice, along with our ever growing faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In July 2004, we received an educational grant to purchase computers, printers and software to develop a LAN computer laboratory for the technical development of our youth.  this grant also allowed us an expansion allowance that enabled us to secure the purchase of an additional acreage for potential physical growth.  On August 2004 we purchased 1.887 acres of adjoining land.

On October 8, 2017, New Bethel Baptist Church called Reverend John R. Bankhead Jr. to be our pastor.  Under his leadership we believe that the future is bright as we all continue to follow God as he leads us. In this time of social strife Reverend Bankhead saw a need to educate us in the area of church safety and so we have upgraded our security with camera and onsite radio communication, with the local sheriff department training us in regards to safety while at church. We have a very active security plan for our congregants to ensure that our place of worship continues to be a place where God abides and where we thrive.

In the very near future we are planning to install a video camera to unite the sanctuary activity with the fellowship hall activity during special events. As the Lord see's fit we have both long and short term goals for additional growth.