New Bethel Baptist Church

Psalms 127:1 


Church Vision

“Reviving Relationships Through Sacrifice” with Worship, Fellowship, Evangelism, Ministry and Discipleship leading the way”


My Family,

God has given us a great responsibility in this lost world and He has empowered us to do some great things. God’s vision for this church is based upon 5 purposes. The church was created to worship, fellowship, evangelize, minister and disciple people. That’s the foundation of any God given vision. I can see God moving within New Bethel and part of His vision for us is that we set our sails in the direction that he is already blessing us in. Let me see if I can help you to understand this part of the vision. It is not our prayer for God to bless what we are doing but rather in the first part of the vision our prayer needs to be for God to help us to do what He is already blessing. So as we look at the five purposes we need to carefully examine where we stand in regards to each purpose. Based upon an honest evaluation of ourselves lets us decide on what needs to be done first. As we evaluate ourselves let us consider that leadership is knowing where we are going and then being able to persuade people to come along with us. If I don’t know where I am going then nobody will follow me. We must take baby steps. Then we must ask ourselves why we are doing what we do. The answer to this question determines how and how long. In other words our motivation has to be clear because if it is not, when things get tough we will give up. We need to spend a lot of time in membership meetings making sure that we explain everything that we are doing at New Bethel. This will allow us to build a base of committed members. Everything that is asked needs to be followed up with a conversation about the payoff for doing it. I have found out that people like being involved in things that are challenging and fun. They need to know that their contribution matters and that it is appreciated. All of us have a part to play and my part in the vision is to blend it all together by helping this congregation see how their individual contribution fits into the whole. The vision that God has for us is that I will affirm you, believe in you and put faith and trust in you. The way that we will achieve God’s vision for this church is through cooperation, while understanding that in the body of Christ we are more effective working together than any of us would be as individuals. I vow to lead you in the way that God’s lead me while continuing in prayer. I only ask of this church that you love God, love each other and receive God’s teachings through his servant.

Reverend John R. Bankhead Jr. Pastor