New Bethel Baptist Church

Psalms 127:1 


Prayer Will (Interlude)
Men of Standard (Vol. III)


Dying One Day At A Time

We are born with celebration in the air  
                                             we arrive here very innocent and without a care                                          We begin our journey through this life of grind
   without realizing we are dying one day at a time.

        We are nurtured and grow at an amazing rate

         like a track star we start fast, straight out the gate

    as life goes on there are things to remind

      that we are still dying one day at a time

    Then one day we wake up and things are slow

       we wonder what has happened to our get up and go.

    It’s getting cloudy now and the sun refuses to shine

 but we’re still only dying one day at a time

God told us there is a time to live and a time to die

this is not a time to question why

just pray that Jesus is preparing your bed

understand there’s more time behind than there is ahead

As death begins to knock at our door

and we are so weak, we can’t walk across the floor

Just rest and wait with God on your mind and understand

you have simply run out of time.


Pastor Bankhead