New Bethel Baptist Church

Psalms 127:1 



Dance Ministry Together

Children's 3rd Sunday Worship
Courtney Arnold (Praise Dancing)

Sincere Praise (Keylon Nichols Dancing in Rocky Mountain North Carolina during a Valentine Gala at the Church of Pastor Luther Barnes

A Burden And A Responsibility

At Midnight (Black History Message)

Pastoral Installation Program
Pastor John  R. Bankhead Jr.
First Lady Amy R, Bankhead

Rev. John Bankhead preached the final message in a series of Advent Message on December 24th 2017 at New Bethel Baptist Church

Pastor John Bankhead preached this message on December 3rd on the first Sunday of Advent. "Grace for the Gears of Life" taken from the biblical text in Isaiah 40: 28-31 (Part 1 & 2) 31 Min.

             Love Christian Center Praise Dancers

Kelyn Nichols of New Bethel Baptist Church